The Best Mother's Day Yet

I hope that all the moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! A special Happy Mother's Day to my mom, mother-in-law and my Granny! You guys have always been there for us and we appreciate all that you do. To all the other moms - I truly hope that you got to do something for YOU. As moms, we tend to prioritize ourselves last and sacrifice things that we really want (and sometimes need) for the sake of the family. Be sure to take some time for you, even if it means sneaking off into the bed room for a nap or a long bubble bath.

I am immeasurably grateful to my incredible husband, who made it a point to be sure that I was the priority this year. We typically spend Mother's Day weekend splitting time at our parents' house, celebrating with our moms. (We've even had dance recital on Mother's Day weekend before, so that makes our weekend even more busy.) This is all fine because, of course we want to celebrate our moms - they raised us and put up with us for so many years and they continue to do so much for us and the girls now. But David insisted that, for our little family of four, I was going to be celebrated in any way that I wanted this year, and it made me feel very appreciated.

He told me to decide what I wanted to do, pick a day, and that day will be dedicated to me and our little family ("family fun days" are my favorite). I am so very appreciative of this. I never want to be selfish and say hey, what about me but I think when we're in this stage of life, we tend to find ourselves saying sometimes, not in a selfish way, but in a I wish what I do would be noticed every now and then sort of way. Because, like I said above, we put our families wants and needs above our own.

There was one Sunday morning, I was getting the girls up and ready for church and they had both woken up on the wrong side of the bed. What should take 10 minutes to get up, get dressed and fix their hair took probably 25. Then they wouldn't listen when I told them to sit at the table for breakfast, so we had to fight about that. They were arguing over what they wanted to watch. I was trying to get breakfast ready and get their bags packed for church and get their strawberry milk that they requested (because I can't just pour regular milk into a cup, I have to mix strawberry syrup in there too) and all I wanted to do was eat a bowl of cereal before we had to walk out the door. We ended up with about 5 minutes left and they're still asking me for things and I'm like can I please just eat my breakfast?! I'm willing to bet this sort of thing happens to you too. Our needs are last until someone (usually our husbands) steps in and makes us take time for ourselves.

So anyway, He had told me to pick what I wanted to do for Mother's Day and all I really wanted was to sleep in late, go strawberry pickin', and go to dinner somewhere so I didn't have to worry about cooking or doing dishes.

So that is exactly what we did. He got up early and took Raley with him to go get Daylight Donuts, while me and Audrey slept. When I asked him later why he got up so early, he said "so I could get the good donuts." If you wait until around 8 or so on a Saturday, they've already started to run out of alot of stuff. That was sweet of him to think of that and get up earlier than he probably needed to.

I slept until about 8:45 when David and the girls brought me breakfast in bed (8:45 is sleeping in for me these days.) David had made me coffee and they had tried to spell out MOM out of donuts on the tray. It was super sweet. But what was even sweeter is that David took the girls back downstairs and let me eat in quiet (Ha!)

After breakfast, we all got ready, hopped in the car, and headed to Brown's Farm in New Market to pick some strawberries. This was our first time picking strawberries and it was so much fun! The girls were excited about it at first - walking up and down the rows, seeing who could find the best strawberries, eating some along the way...but they ended up getting pretty hot and whiney before we could get our bucket filled. Raley kept saying "I'm all hot and sweaty! Can we go to the car?" I asked her if she was having fun and she'd say "I AM having fun! But I'm just so hot and sweaty." OH, my little girly girls who hate being hot and sweaty.

We ended up filling up our bucket and heading back toward the car. I rinsed off a few strawberries and let them eat a few on the wagon ride back.

David figured I would like some Mexican food on Mother's Day, so he suggested that we go to Rosie's for lunch (my favorite!) We were planning on going out to dinner, so I wasn't sure about going out twice in one day, but he insisted, so we got some Mexican food.

After lunch, we went home and put the girls down for a nap, and I took some downtime to watch some TV and relax for a little while. After a couple of hours, we heard Audrey stirring on the monitor and we saw that Raley was out of bed too. When we went to get them up, we couldn't find Raley. Sometimes she thinks it's funny to hide from us behind doors then jump out and scare us, so we were calling for her and looking behind doors, but couldn't find her anywhere. I was starting to get a little worried, but we had been downstairs the entire time and we would have heard if she opened a door to go outside or something. Finally, we found her - she was asleep in our bed! I have no idea why she decided to get out of her bed and go into our bedroom, but she did, and she actually fell asleep. Silly girl.

I wanted some pasta and a glass of wine for dinner, so I decided on Olive Garden. We were actually able to get in pretty quickly (did you know they do online call ahead seating?) and we didn't have to wait.

Sunday after church we went to my parents' house to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom. We played outside while my dad grilled up some steaks.
My dad teaching her to switch hit

After lunch we swam in the pool for over 3 hours! We let the girls skip naps today, but they had a blast and they wore themselves out.
I <3 toddler top knots

Audrey managed to stay awake almost all the way home, but she ended up dozing off as we were pulling into the neighborhood, which meant that I got some major snuggle time in before eating a frozen pizza in the living room while watching The Incredibles before bed time.
Major snuggles to round out a perfect weekend
Raley asked so sweetly to eat our pizza in the living room, so we thought why not?!

In short, this weekend was just perfect! Thank you to my amazing husband for making me feel so special, loved and appreciated this weekend. I couldn't have asked for anything more!

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