A Sweet and Simple Spring Break

I'm a little late posting since spring break was over a week ago, but I'm missing it already. We kept it simple and low-key with some quick morning outings and lots of time just playing. I was able to get a glimpse of what our summer break will look like, and I know it's going to be a good one!

This time with our girls is going so so fast. I am thankful that I still have one year left with Raley before she heads off to Kindergarten, but I know that next August will be here before we know it, so I'm trying to soak up all these simple joys while I can. I know that the little things won't make them this happy for much longer and I also know that once this time is gone I'm going to miss it like crazy, no matter how difficult some days are. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. Each day I try to remind myself of this and make a conscious effort to not let this time slip through my fingers or else it will be gone before I realize it.

Anyway, back to spring break! It was a little chilly at the beginning of the week. We had hopes of going to the Huntsville Botanical Garden (or the "beautiful garden" as Raley calls it) or to Harmony Park Safari (the drive-thru zoo in Huntsville) but it was just to chilly. We ended up improvising and having a great time doing a few activities we don't typically do. 

Monday was our "be lazy and stay home all day" day. While I typically like getting out for a couple hours most days, I'm more than happy to have a stay-at-home-day every now and then. I feel like there has to be a good balance - if we stay home all the time, we all get stir crazy; if we are going out somewhere every day, we get tired (and we'll end up spending too much money). Our goal for this Summer is to have a good mix of staying home and getting out.

We spent Monday cuddling and watching movies, playing with Play-Doh, blowing bubbles outside, and just playing with toys in the play room. 
I love morning cuddles so much! 
It was a beautiful day but it was in the 40's and they asked to go outside...
 so we threw on some coats and went outside!

On Tuesday, Mom and I took the girls to Earlyworks Children's Museum. We've been here a couple of times and we always have fun so I thought I'd just glance at how much their memberships are. It turns out if you pay to go 3 times a year, a family membership is basically covered, so we decided to just go ahead and get a membership. I'm excited to be able to use this as a way to get out of the house during the summer when it's either raining or super hot. We will definitely plan to get our money's worth by visiting more than 3 times this year!
Raley loves that they have little Colonial style dress up clothes. Its so stinking cute!
Their favorite part is the big stuffed dogs

They sat here and listened to the talking tree tell the same story like 4 times
Tuesday evening we met David's parents at Big Bob Gibson's for Gigi's birthday dinner. 
Audrey's "cheese"! 😂 She cracks me up

On Wednesday we decided to go to story time at the Madison Public Library. The girls are constantly asking to go since they opened their new building. We enjoy story time because they get to be around other kids, listen to stories, sing songs and learn and then play for a little while when it's over. [And my favorite part - it's FREE!] Afterward, we met some friends at McDonald's for lunch and to let the kids play in their new play area.
The teacher showed them the sign for yellow - Raley recognized the Y then turned to Audrey and signed "My name is R-A-L-E-Y." I love that she is so interested in sign language and I'm constantly amazed at how well kids retain these sorts of things. I guess that's why they say kids learn a foreign language easier than adults do.

I had to work Thursday so they played at Mimi's house all day. On Friday the temps were up in the 60's and the weather was absolutely perfect, so we took the opportunity to get outside and play. We played at Palmer Park for a little while and they had a blast. Watching them run around, smiling and laughing on a playground is one of my favorite things. To me it's the epitome of being a kid. 
Do you remember when you were so small that swinging on your belly was the most fun thing in the world?

Audrey likes to run up and hug these rocking things, climb up, rock 2 or 3 times, then hop down and run to the next one.

After the park we made a run to Kroger to grab a few things. They love to ride in the "car cart" at Kroger, but often times I have to get on to them because they are leaning or pushing on each other, making the other mad. But this time Raley let Audrey lay in her lap and it was just too sweet to not snap a picture! They can drive each other crazy, but they really do adore each other. I hope that feeling never goes away. <3

When we got home, we had a little bit of time before they needed to lay down for a nap so I let them help me bake some Easter M&M cookies. (Notice Audrey is just pouring M&Ms on the pan and Raley is actually placing them into the cookies 😂)

Saturday was St. Patrick's Day so I decided to take the girls to the Botanical Garden for an event they were having. I had to search through their closets to find basically the only thing they own with green in it (we don't wear alot of green around here apparently). It was a fun event, but the ground was still a little soggy from rain the night before and I didn't prepare for that! Had I known they'd be walking around in mud I would have put them in different shoes. Oh well, I know better for next year!

They got to hunt for shamrocks, make crafts and drink green punch. We ended up heading to the children's garden after the event and they sat and watched the turtles in the pond for a long time. They aren't usually that interested in turtles, but today they were. Audrey kept saying "Hey turtle. What you doin? You sittin on a wock?" The girl cracks me up with the things that she says. Her little voice is just too sweet.
Why are turtles so entertaining? It's not just the kids...I enjoy watching them too.
So that's our spring break. It was fun to just have that time off together, doing simple things that make them happy. I guess, since it's actually here, I will finally say that I'm ready for Spring. I've been wishing those cooler days would stick around a little longer, but spring break definitely had me looking forward warmer weather and summer break.

What is your favorite thing to do with your children on breaks?

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