An "At Home" Day in the Life - August 2017

I could not decide what type day to document this time around. Since I've been staying home more we've been trying to keep a good balance of days spent at home and fun morning outings. Because both of these are very typical days for us in their own way, I've decided to make two "Day in the Life" posts this time. I actually haven't done one of these since Audrey has been born! The last one I did was Raley's first birthday. Ugh! Why have I not done more of these?

I'm not sure if many people care to read these posts, but I know in the future I will love looking back at what our days were like during this stage. So for today: our typical "play at home" day, as I like to call it.

Every now and then Raley will wake up earlier than normal (around 6:30) and want to climb into bed with us. Lately when she does this, I tell her that she can lay in Mommy and Daddy's bed as long as she is still and goes back to sleep. I love getting a little extra cuddle time with my girl in the morning. It usually doesn't last long because Audrey tends to wake up between 7-7:30 each morning.
On this particular morning Audrey slept a little bit later. When Raley woke up about 7:30 we went downstairs to cuddle on the couch (one of my favorite times of the day) and watch Sofia the First. Sofia and Elena of Avalor are two of her favorite shows right now. But really, who am I kidding? I love them too. After watching the latest Elena the other day, I sent David a lengthy text telling him why I think Disney is gearing up for another Sofia/Elena crossover. #confessions
 Audrey woke up about 8:00 right as David was about to leave for work. He got her up and brought her down to cuddle on the couch with me and Sister. They're so silly with their faces. Cuddle time only lasted a couple minutes with my little one, so I went ahead and made some breakfast.
On our days that we stay home and play I like to split our play time between the upstairs and downstairs and spend a little bit of time outside if possible. This particular day was rainy on and off so we played inside all day.

I'm not sure why, but they just seem to play better when we're upstairs in our loft/playroom. I don't know if it's because there is more space or more toys or what. They also tend to be more content with playing without the TV on when we're playing upstairs.
They both love to sit in this chair in the reading nook and look at books. This is something Audrey has been more interested in lately.
Raley was cracking me up "reading" this book in song form to her dolls and stuffed animals
She loves to rock so big on this elephant
Raley has recently become more interested in playing with blocks than she has been in the past. She likes to build tall towers. And of course she still likes to play dress up. Today she wanted to dress up like Alice and watch Alice in Wonderland.
 After playing for a while, we went back downstairs to get some lunch. We played downstairs for a little while longer before naptime.

I laid Audrey down for a nap and, of course, she fell asleep right away (she's such a good sleeper!) I did a short nap routine with Raley and laid her down as well. She ended up never falling asleep. She came out of her room a couple of different times, but for the most part she sat up in her bed looking at books and playing with dolls. She was so quiet I thought she was asleep at one point but when I'd check on the monitor she would be sitting in her bed playing. I am actually completely ok with this. If she's not going to actually sleep, I would rather her have quiet play time in her room, than be running around playing.

I was still able to get a little bit done during nap time. I used my Silhouette machine to work on a couple of banners for some parties I have coming up. I made a banner for my sweet friend's baby shower next weekend and cut out letters to make a Happy Birthday banner for Raley's party the following week. These parties have snuck up on me this time!
Once Audrey woke up from her nap we got ready to head out. I had to pick up my check and clothes that didn't sell at one of our seasonal consignment sales between 4:00 and 7:00. I went back and forth on what to do for dinner since by the time we got back to the house and I cooked dinner, we would be eating pretty late. We ultimately decided on going to Rosie's, my favorite local Mexican restaurant. David even said it sounded really good, so that made the decision easy!

After we sat down we face timed with Auntie to tell her Happy Birthday.
 I can't get enough of how this man looks at his daughters. It makes me love him so much more.
 Raley has an issue with keeping her shoes on. Even these Keen's that don't just "fall off." She loves shoes and thinks they're so cute but hates to wear them. She kicks them off every time we sit down at a restaurant. She often runs to me barefoot after Sunday school and I have to remind her to grab her shoes from under the table. This girl is a mess.
 I will say, these hand-me-down Salt Water Sandals (pictured on Audrey below) have been the best thing! They were my neice's and they are still in wonderful shape. They look brand new after several wears. The best part: they don't leave blisters and they buckle so they stay on her feet! I'm seriously contemplating getting some for Raley, although she could probably open the buckle and still get them off. 😉
This is Raley's favorite place because she likes throwing pennies into this fountain. Sometimes that's how we bribe her to eat...
You know what's funny about this little goofball's so hard to get her to just look at the camera. Usually she will just ignore that you are even trying to get her attention and intentionally look away (like above). But then you give her a tiny piece of shredded cheese and you get this big ol' "cheese." I just love watching her silly little personality grow.
 After dinner David took the girls home and I ran by the store to grab a couple things before heading home. We played for a little while longer until bedtime. Raley got out of bed three or four times that night but finally laid down and went to sleep without any tears. David and I stayed up and watched the season finale of How to Get Away With Murder (I know, we're behind!) before heading to bed.

Simple, lazy days at home like this are very much needed and welcomed at our house. We love just hanging out at home, playing with toys and watching movies (or Sofia and Elena). Dance classes and Mother's Morning Out are going to be starting soon and I know our schedule is just going to get busier.

Tomorrow I will post about a typical day when we get to spend a morning out of the house. I hope that you enjoy these posts. They''re not glamorous or super exciting, but I can't get enough of this sweet, simple stage of life that we are in right now.

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