A "Fun Morning Out" Day in the Life

As I stated in yesterday's Day in the Life post, I couldn't decide if I wanted to document a day at home or a day out of the house. Both of these type days are pretty typical for us lately so I decided to do both. Here's how a typical morning out of the house goes!

This morning Audrey woke up first around 7:30. Pretty frequently I find her like this in the morning - hair a mess with one arm out of her jammies. It makes me smile so big when she does this because Raley would do the same thing at this age. It just brings back sweet memories.
 Lately, the first thing Audrey says in the morning is "book! book!" But she doesn't want just any book. It has to be THE book we read the night before at bedtime. She won't accept anything else. Her memory amazes me.
We snuggled on the couch reading her book and watching Elena until Raley woke up a little after 8:00.
I got a sweet smile!
After Raley woke up we ate breakfast and got ready to head to our play date.
 Raley loves to sit on the bathroom counter with me while I get ready and pretend to put on makeup.
 I just love a sweet little girl bun! And this shirt of hers is one of my favorites!
 While I was putting Audrey in the car, Raley buckled her babies into the wagon and said "Mommy, take a picture of me and my babies!" I love this sweet, innocent stage she's in. Although, just recently I feel like she's becoming more of a "big girl" in the way that she smiles and talks. It makes me a little sad, but also very proud of her.
We met our good friends Maegan, Ann-Elise and Ryleigh at a new play place in Huntsville called Let's Play. This was our first time there and it was SO much fun! I would have loved this place as a kid! I highly recommend it if you live in the area and haven't been yet!

Audrey and Ryleigh loved this little toddler area. Everything is padded so even if they fall down, they don't get hurt and can get right back up and keep going (which happened alot!)
After falling a few times trying to get on this little merry-go-round, she finally figured out how to climb on and off this thing. And she always wanted a specific seat so she would run in a circle until she caught the one that she was looking for. She was cracking me up!

I thought this was the coolest area and I think it was Audrey's favorite too. It's full of oversized balloons flying around and it just looks like so much fun! And it's so colorful!
How cool is this?!

This little one thinks she's a big girl. She was climbing all over the place and scaring me to death! She climbed up a super tall slide and all the way up to the top of the big kid play area and then back down. I thought for sure I'd see her tumbling down, but she handled it like a pro. This girl has no fear!
Climbing up another slide
These girls loved this ropes course! It looked like so much fun.
There is a little trampoline in the back corner of the big play area that the girls played on for a little bit.  Raley kept doing toetouches and Audrey kept saying "jumpin, jumpin." 
They took some balls from another area onto the trampoline and in this picture they're singing "clean up, clean up" and picking them up.
 We played for about two hours then went to get lunch at Salsarita's.
 I love that these girls are best friends! They are just too sweet. And with those smiles, I'm sure some day they'll be breaking hearts.
 Audrey passed out on the way home and didn't even open her eyes when I got her out of her car seat and laid her down.
Raley did not nap again. I thought for sure she would today, because she played HARD! She stayed in bed looking at books for a little bit but then she kept coming downstairs. I was working on a post about my sister's wedding and actually started getting a tad frustrated because she wouldn't listen or just be still. After Audrey woke up they played together (loudly) while I got dinner ready before church.

By the time David got home I was just sensory overloaded from all of the noise. Sometimes I just really need some quiet time, but tonight it wasn't happening. We ended up having to rush to eat, get ready and get out the door to head to church. I think the better way to go (for us) on Wednesday nights is to meet David somewhere for dinner. Lawlers BBQ is usually our go-to since it's right by church and it's quick. Maybe we will just have to make that a Wednesday night tradition.

Anyway, tonight I made something that I've never made before. It had actually been over 10 years since I'd had this meal. When I was in high school on a youth group trip to Rainbow Omega, one of the house mothers made taco stuffed baked potatoes and I remember really liking it! For some reason it took me this long to recreate this meal. It's SO easy! You simply bake potatoes and when they're almost done, cook up some taco meat. Then just butter the potato, stuff with meat and top with your favorite taco fixins.
 After dinner we got ready and headed to church. This quarter I'm teaching a cradle roll class for 12-18 month olds. These babies are just too sweet! I love this age!

Audrey and Raley playing in the classroom after class. The outfit Audrey is wearing came in a surprise package from my Granny that afternoon. I love it!
After church we went home and got the girls in bed. Raley did well tonight. She came out of her room a couple of times, but actually went to sleep pretty quickly. After getting the girls in bed David helped me with the dishes and cleaning up the toys in the living room. Then I decided to go to bed early since I had to get up and go to work the next day.

We love having play dates and letting the girls run their energy out with friends. We will definitely be going back to Let's Play. They have a package where you can get 10 visits for a discounted price. Great idea for a Christmas present! (hint, hint)

If you'd like to read about a typical "at home" day in the life, you can catch up here. I write these posts so that in the future I can look back and be reminded what life was like at this particular point in time. I hope that you enjoy them as well.

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