A day in the life: Raley's 1st Birthday

What better day to chronicle than my sweet girl's very first ever birthday!

David went into work a little late that morning so he could see the Birthday Girl when she woke up. She woke up around 8. She was happy to get to see both Mommy and Daddy! We got her up and dressed in her cute little birthday girl outfit then we read her her Birthday book (which we had also been reading to her every night this week!) She loves her birthday book! There is a page with flowers in it and it actually has something scented inside the pages for you to smell. She has now learned to start sniffing as soon as we turn to that page. It amazes me how quickly she catches onto things :)

Daddy then left for work and Mommy fed her a bottle. After her bottle we had a little time to kill before going to Mother's Morning Out so we had some fun with balloons in her crib!

Then we went to MMO to see Mimi and everyone else. I went and did some shopping that I needed to get done and then went home to get some stuff ready for the party while she played at MMO.
Ready for MMO with Luka and Simba

Mimi brought Raley home when MMO was finished and Raley was asleep so I put her in her crib and she took about a 2 hour nap. When she woke up she ate a bottle and was a happy baby!
Happy girl after her nap
Opening her gift from everyone at MMO

Then we took her monthly picture and (luckily) I got a good one because she does not like to lay/sit still for pictures now-a-days. Then we played for a while and waited for Daddy to get home.
Lovin those balloons
Just playin and looking cute, waiting for Daddy to get home
Gigi came over that evening for dinner to see the birthday girl. She was so excited when she walked through the door she practically ran to her! She opened her present from Gigi and Pops and then ate her favorite meal, hotdogs and cheese, for dinner.
Excited to see Gigi
Yummy! Hotdogs and cheese!

 After dinner she ate her very first cupcake. She went face first into it and had it everywhere! So of course, then we had to get a birthday bubble bath!

After bath time she played a little more and then opened her presents from Mommy and Daddy. 
We got her the beginning of the precious moment's princess
parade. We plan to get her one every year. This year's was
 Snow White.It goes perfect in her room

When she started to get tired we fed her another bottle and started our bedtime routine. Went to her nursery, read her a bedtime story (Happy Birthday, Baby, of course), turned on her classical music, and put her to bed with her elephant.

We had such a fun day with her on her first birthday! She is such a blessing to us and brings us so much joy each and every day. This little girl amazes us with the new things she is constantly learning. I have had mixed feelings about her turning one all week, but I am so excited to watch her continue to grow and grow!

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