Raley's New Playroom

I think there comes a point in every parent's life when you realize that toys are taking over your home! We had toys scattered across the living room, stuffed in drawers and closets, piled up in the pack-and-play...they were literally everywhere. So I decided to come up with a solution. 

We have a small loft at the top of our stairs which pretty much housed a TV, futon, elliptical and all of our sports memorabilia. But I saw it as the perfect play room! It's right at the top of the stairs so we have to make sure to block those off so the little tot can't fall down them.

This is what it looked like before:

Now, it looked a little different than this when we redecorated (these pictures were from when we first moved into the house). We had since gotten rid of the huge box TV and gotten a flat screen. And there was a [rarely used] elliptical in the corner where the desk was.

My husband loves all his sports stuff and there is really no where else in the house to put it, so I decided to go with a color theme that wouldn't look too boyish, but also compliment our Crimson Tide/UK Wildcats/Phillies decor.

So I went with red and turquoise. I love the colors together anyway and the turquoise doesn't look too terribly masculine, but could be gender neutral if we have a boy in the future!

Here it is:

I used 2-2x4 cube shelves from Target and turned them on their sides.
I also got a small cabinet to store bigger toys in. 
I LOVE baskets! It's such a cute way to store toys out of sight and easy to clean up
In the cabinet I store her Little People houses
My favorite part - Her reading nook! I could not get rid of that elliptical fast
enough so that I could transform this corner
I grabbed some letters from Hobby Lobby and painted them
I grabbed a couple picture shelves from Target to use as book shelves and
made this Pinterest inspired sign
So let me know what you think! All I know is baby girl LOVES it! She loves reading to her stuffed animals and she has to take out every toy every time we play. But having a place for everything makes it so much easier to clean up (and easier on the eye ;)

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