Audrey's Aqua and Pink Nursery (and some storage solutions too)

I have to say, I had a ton of different ideas floating around in my head (and pinned on Pinterest) for this sweet little girl's nursery. I LOVE blue and pink together so I ultimately decided to go with an aqua and pink color scheme with bird accents. We were able to use alot of the furniture from Raley's nursery, so we didn't have to buy a new crib, changing table or rocker. The only thing we had to get was a bookcase and some decor. I absolutely love how it turned out!
*Updated with photos of baby girl by Elles Photography! We love them all!
Frames are finally filled!

The window pane I found on the side of the road, cleaned it, and repainted it. 
The monogram I ordered from
The crib bedding was made by my amazing grandmother. Definitely something I will cherish forever!
I made this ribbon mobile by just using a cross stitch ring and cutting up a bunch of ribbon. I hung it from the motor from Raley's mobile so it will sing and spin. I am absolutely obsessed with the bracket. I had seen pictures of brackets like these and looked at a few different stores for them but couldn't find what I was looking for. Finally I realized I was looking for the wrong thing. It's actually a plant hanger! I ended up finding it in the garden department at Home Depot. 

Nursery Organization Tips
So how do you keep a nursery organized (I cannot stand a cluttered space)? The answer is simple - LOTS of baskets! These are a few of my favorite storage solutions that worked for Raley's nursery that I'm using for Audrey's as well:

Top drawer of dresser from left to right:
-Pacifers, meds, Q-tips, baby nail clippers, etc.
- Burp cloths
- Diapers
- Baby powder, diaper cream, baby oil, baby brush

Second drawer from left to right:
- Onesies sorted by size (NB and 3 month)
- Hats and bloomers
- Bibs

Third drawer from left to right:
- Leggings (NB and 3M - I know, that's alot of leggings!)
- Swaddlers (the kind that velcro)
- Tights
- Basket of socks

We added this shelf in her closet for $30. We added one in Raley's room before she was born too. It works out perfect because I'm short and don't like reaching up high for things that I need frequently. 
On the shelf from left to right:
- Shoes
- Wipes
- Diapers
- Swaddle blankets
- Bigger plush blankets
- The hanger hanging below the shelf on the far right holds changing
 table covers, pack-n-play sheets, and bassinet sheets.
*Crib sheets and mattress protectors are in a roll out drawer under her crib
I got this at Hobby Lobby to hold all her bows and headbands
She already has too many headbands to fit

These baskets are filled with toys

The basket on the bottom shelf of the table has a bib, burp cloth and swaddle blanket for convenience during feedings. I'll fill it with other things that I find I'll need later - I'm sure there will be something!

There you have it! What are your favorite storage solutions? 

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