Frozen Inspired Big Girl Room

Raley LOVES Frozen. She asks to watch it every single day. So what would a 2 year old girl want more than a Frozen bedroom?

I wanted a more sophisticated version. I'm not really into character bedding so instead we chose to go with blue walls, white and blue bed spread and pops of purple on the walls. 

We left a lot of her princess stuff in the room. Just couldn't bring myself to put it away.
I must say, I was a little sad to see her nursery go. It seems like yesterday we were painting the walls and setting up her nursery in anticipation of bringing her home. I remember the first night she slept in her crib at a month old and how proud we were when she slept through the night not even a week later. The many, many, many times we rocked her to sleep and then just sat there and rocked some more because we knew that these moments are ever fleeting. It's hard to believe how quickly two whole years have gone by and how drastically life has changed since this precious little child came into our lives. I would not change one single moment because even though I miss those newborn days (when all we'd do was hold her all day) it really does just keep getting better!

But anyway, sweet girl loves her "comfy new bed!" We put a guardrail on the outer side to help keep her from falling off. She looks so tiny in this big ol' bed!
Sweet dreams, big girl!

Read about how we transitioned from the crib to a toddler bed here.

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