Our Story

Meet our little family:

Heather & David...we met February 13, 2004 (David's 16th Birthday:). We started dating when we were in 11th grade and have been together ever since!

Here we are shortly after we started dating...Homecoming 2004. Man we look young!

We graduated high school in 2006 and followed each other to The University of AlabamaROLL TIDE!

Then in 2009 David surprised me by getting down on one knee (in front of the SAME fountain we were in above ^) and asked me to marry him. Of course I said YES!

We were married on June 19, 2010. And so began our Happily Ever After! He is truly by better half and I am so happy that he chose ME to spend the rest of his life with!


He graduated from Alabama in May 2010 and I graduated in December 2010. I got a job in Montgomery, AL where I worked on the Neuro floor and the Neuro ICU for a year. In January 2012 I got the opportunity to move back home to Madison and work at a brand new hospital. We were so happy to get to move home...and so were our families!

Then in January 2013 we found out that WE WERE HAVING A BABY! We decided to announce it to my family while we were in Disney World over a game of Pinochle (a yankee card game we play!). I threw a special kind of trump card!

We announced to David's family by buying them hats from Disney with "Grandma" and "Pops" on the back!
We couldn't wait to meet this sweet GIRL!

FINALLY on Sept 25, 2013 she arrived! She has been the light of our life ever since. She makes every day better with her smile. We express to each other every day that we can't believe how absolutely PERFECT she is! And God gave her to us!

                                      Meet Raley Elyse

This is where our story ended for a little while. Raley has grown and blossomed into a sweet, silly little girl. She is absolutely a girly-girl who loves singing, dancing, princesses, having tea parties, and playing dress up all day, every day.

Then in 2015 we found out we were having another GIRL!

On January 6, 2016, we met our sweet baby Audrey. She has always been such a happy and laid back baby. She has since grown into a goofy, curious and incredibly smart little toddler. She keeps us laughing all day and we are in awe of the things that she picks up and learns on a daily basis. She has absolutely completed our little family and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Meet Audrey Harper

So, that's our family! I hope that you enjoy this blog!

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