Coffee Talk Confessions - February 2018

Happy Monday! David and I just got back from the most relaxing weekend in the Smoky Mountains and now it's time to gear up for a busy next couple of weeks. This morning I got to take the girls to a group play date with some friends at the church and it was just what we needed to start the week on this dreary Monday morning. We've got several things on our To-Do list but sometimes getting out of the house is better for my sanity than staying in.

I've just got a few things that have been rolling around in my head lately that I thought I'd share today.

//I've been a bit MIA lately on the blog, but honestly, I just haven't been super inspired to write on anything in particular. I love blogging, and it's a wonderful outlet for me, but it doesn't come as naturally to me as it does for other people. So I appreciate you guys sticking around!

//I may be the only weirdo out there who is NOT ready for Spring. I've heard so many people say they're over the cold...I say KEEP IT COMING! I'm not ready in the slightest for warmer weather. 40's-50's is perfect! The next week's forecast is actually bumming me out pretty bad (rain all week and highs in the 60's and 70's - yuck!)

//I get unreasonably agitated when my children take their shoes off in the car when I tell them every. single. day. that it is a no-no. For some reason it just drives the stew out of me and is admittedly one of the reasons why I may never have another baby. (insert shrugging shoulder emoji here)

//Something else that aggravates me in the car is when people honk the second the light turns green. I just think honking in general is rude, but seriously man, give me a second to take my foot of the brake and press the gas pedal!

//I have this bad habit (can you call it a habit?) of letting my mind wander way out of control until I've imagined the worst possible scenario of  a situation. For instance, if a car cuts me off and comes close to hitting me, I start thinking about what if it did hit me? Which way would my car go  and where would the majority of the impact be? What if I was knocked unconscious and my kids were in the car? What would happen to them? How would the police know who to call? What if I was conscious but my kids were hurt? Which one would I help first? Then I play out an entire phone call to 911 and this whole scenario of doing CPR on my kid and calling David and telling him what happened while turns into a whole big thing in my head until I snap out of it and bring myself back to reality. Then I usually say a prayer thanking God for watching over us and keeping us safe.
It's not only while driving though. It's any time a ball rolls into the street (what if they run in the road and get hit by a car?), any time we're at a pool or the beach (what if they go under and I don't see/hear?), any time we're at the park (what if they fall off the big slide and break their neck?). I get these detailed flashes of the accident in my mind and it just continues to spiral from there. Is this weird? Does anyone else do this? When I told David about this he thought it was so strange. I guess these are the things you have to worry about when you have kids, and I hear it doesn't get any better! (Lord help us when they start driving!)

Got any confessions to make me feel a little better about myself? (ha!) Feel free to share!
Have a great rest of the week!

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