2018 Planner Setup

It's almost the new year, which means tomorrow I get to actually start using my new Happy Planner!! Planner decorating is a whole new world for me. I used a few stickers here and there last year, but not like I'm hoping to this year. As far as the weekly spreads go, I've only set up my first week because I didn't want to get ahead of myself.
Today I'm going to share how I set up my every day Happy Planner and my faith planner. One of my goals for this year is to read and study the New Testament. I wanted some sort of faith journal to write down thoughts or verses as I was studying, but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I didn't want to use my everyday planner because I was afraid it would take up too much space. Last year I actually bought an extra Recollections calendar pack. When I made the decision to buy a Happy Planner instead of use the calendar I had already bought, I felt a little guilty about it. I felt like I was wasting money but I loved the Daydreamer Happy Planner so much, I just had to have it! 

Anyway, I was trying to decide what to use as a faith journal. I almost bought a mini Happy Planner, then decided against it because I didn't think it'd leave me enough room to write. Then it finally hit me - use the Recollections calendar pack I already have! I got a Recollections binder at 60% off, used my Dates and Holidays sticker pack to date it and made myself a faith journal! The main thing I didn't like about the Recollections planner that I used last year was how bulky and heavy it was to carry around. I plan to leave this one at home with my Bible and use it each night when David and I do our bible study. 

Here's my setup for my everyday Daydreamer Happy Planner

The horizontal layout and pretty florals is what ultimately sold me on this planner

I haven't had the courage to handletter my name on this page! If you mess it up there's no going back.

In the back of the planner is where I keep my "collections" - our expense schedule, MMO and dance schedules, birthdays, our ballpark tour layout, and favorite things that Raley and Audrey are doing and saying. This is why having pages that you can add in and take out are a must for me when I'm choosing a planner. I love being able to add lists like this as I see fit. Another thing I love about the Happy Planner is the half sheets. I can add them in, make lists, then take it out when I'm done with it.

I plan to keep my faith planner much more simple. It won't have all of my appointments and to-dos and I probably won't decorate it as much. I will use it simply to write down my study plan, verses, thoughts, etc. I'm excited to take a more in depth look at the New Testament. I have never read the New Testament (or the entire bible) chronologically so I hope that this study will bring David and I closer together and closer to God. 
I'm loving the pink, black and gold
Check out these dividers! How Lily are they?!
Stay tuned for more! I'm excited to share more about how the planning is going as I dive more into it. How bout yall? Are you a planner junkie? Do you use your phone or do you like to have your plans on paper?

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