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I've been getting tired of making the same ol' meals so I searched Pinterest and founds all kinds of new recipes. Some were great, some were so-so. Here's a few new recipes we've tried lately and what we thought about them!

Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Casserole
If you know me, you know that I love some Mexican food. I'm always up for new recipes with a Mexican flare. 
RecipeCheesy Chicken Enchilada Casserole
What we thought: It was good, but needed a little more spice. I used mild enchilada sauce because that's all they had at the store, but next time I would use medium.
Would I make it again? Yes, with medium enchilada sauce. And maybe add some crushed up chips on top to add some crunch and saltiness?
Changes to the recipe? I left the refried beans out of this recipe (because I can't stand beans) and I didn't use an entire can of corn. The recipe called for 2 cups of dry rice but this ended up being way too much. I think 1-1.5 would have been plenty.

Taco Alfredo
Like I said, I love Mexican! It looked so pretty when it was done, I can't believe I forgot to take a picture!
Recipe: Taco Alfredo
What we thought: Delicious!! The alfredo sauce was made with shredded mexican cheese instead of parmasan, which gave it a different and more bold flavor than your typical alfredo.
Would I make it again? Absolutely
Changes to the recipe: None

BBQ Chicken Tostadas
I had never made tostadas before and these looked delicious so I thought I would give them a try. I loved the taste and the crunch of the corn tortillas. I had a bunch of chicken so I decided to use this recipe for slow cooker shredded chicken and use it over several meals. 
Recipe: BBQ Chicken Tostadas
What we thought: David liked them, but I'm weird about shredded chicken so I didn't really care for the taste of it. I think next time I would use a rotisserie chicken from the store.
Would I make it again? Yes, but with different chicken.
Changes to the recipe: I used Mozzarella cheese and no green onions.

Buffalo Chicken Tostadas
The next night I used the same chicken and made buffalo chicken tostadas, thinking the buffalo would overpower the weird taste of the shredded chicken (it did not). I tossed the chicken with Frank's Red Hot Sauce, topped it with Mozzarella cheese and threw it in the oven. I then mixed together some ranch dressing and hot sauce and drizzled it on top. No recipe for this one. I would make this again, with different chicken. (Normal people would probably like this chicken, I'm just really weird about the taste of shredded chicken.)

French Onion Chicken and Rice Bake
I was unsure how everyone would react to this one, but let me tell you, it was a HIT! I think David was unsure about it too when I told him one of the main ingredients was French Onion dip, but he loved it and so did my girls. 
Recipe: French Onion Chicken and Rice Bake
What we thought: This is different from anything I've ever made, but it was surprisingly delicious. Raley actually was going back for seconds and thirds. The flavors mixed in with the rice, combined with the crunch of the fried french onions made this a huge hit.
Would I make it again? Without a doubt.
Changes to the recipe: None
I forgot to take a picture until it was half gone
Creamy, Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti
I like all of those words. I thought this one would be amazing. 
Recipe: Creamy, Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti
What we thought: It was ok, but not amazing. One of our go-to meals is this Rotel chicken spaghetti recipe. This was similar to that, but I definitely prefer the flavor of the Rotel and Velveeta as opposed to the salsa and Mexican cheese in this recipe. Also I'm not a huge fan of sour cream, so if I made it again I would probably not put quite so much.
Would I make it again? Maybe, with less sour cream, if we were just wanting something different but this one isn't at the top of my list.
Changes to the recipe: None

Orange Chicken
I think yall can tell by now we eat alot of chicken. This one is a bit different. I don't cook Asian very often, but I thought this one looked good (and easy). 
Recipe: 3-Ingredient Orange Chicken
What we thought: It actually turned out pretty good. When I tasted the sauce as it was cooking it tasted super sweet, so I was worried that it wouldn't taste that good. I ended up tossing in a little bit of extra soy sauce, which did help a little bit. The chicken and the rice toned down the sweetness of the sauce some, however I still thought it tasted a bit too sweet. Next time, I think I would use less orange marmalade (maybe 3/4 cup). 
Would I make it again? Yes, with the changes listed above
Changes to the recipe: I added a little bit of extra soy sauce (maybe 1-2 teaspoons?). I made Basmati rice to go with it, which is new to me, but I really like it! I made 1 cup of dry rice, which yields 2 cups cooked.

If you're looking for some new recipes, give a few of these a try! I'm anxious to try the tostadas again, using different chicken and this buffalo chicken slider recipe. I've also been wanting to try this firecracker chicken, but I'm afraid it will be too spicy for David and the girls. I'm the only one in the house who likes the spice turned way up.

Let me know if you have any recipes you think I would enjoy! Have a wonderful weekend.

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