Life Lately - July 2017

What have we been doing since we've come home from vacation? Well, the first week we were trying to catch up on sleep. This week we've been keeping it low-key but I've still been trying to throw in some fun little outings here and there.

David and I made a deal before we went to bed the Sunday we got home from San Diego - if he'd let me sleep in Monday,  I'd let him sleep in Tuesday. Luckily for him, the girls slept until 9:00 on Monday morning (they rarely sleep that late). He took them out to grab some donuts and ran to the store to get some milk and a few other things we needed. I got to sleep in until about 10:45 (which also rarely happens). We all got ready to head to my parents' house for lunch so we could see my sister Kayla Beth and her new HUSBAND (eek!) before they moved back to Tuscaloosa.

That afternoon we all went back to the house and took naps. I knew I needed to unpack and wash clothes and clean the house but all I could think about was sleep. We ate freezer pizza, played and watched movies until bedtime. 

We are still having issues with Raley staying in her bed when it's time to go to sleep. We didn't realize that she had gotten out of bed and come downstairs until we were heading up to bed. She ended up passing out like this in the floor. 
Tuesday was my morning to get up with the girls and it was my luck that they got up at 7:30. I could hardly keep my eyes open all morning. I haven't felt that tired since I was still working full time and I wonder now how I lived like that all the time. David slept in until about 10:30 and the first thing he asked when he came downstairs was "do you want to go lay back down?" My answer was a very quick "YES!" 

I slept a couple more much needed hours and we laid low the rest of the day until it was time to head to church for the Fourth of July picnic and fireworks.

The girls ran around with their friends in the parking lot and we got to chat with ours. The only time Audrey sat still all night was during the fireworks.
Raley's dress is from Kohl's. When I grabbed it out of her closet she said "Yes! I've been waiting to wear that one!" She loves this dress.
I worked the next two days so Friday we had another "play at home day." Sometimes I like to let Raley stay up for a little bit after Audrey goes down for her nap to have a little big girl play time. Sometimes we play with her cupcake game, sometimes we do puzzles and sometimes we play Candyland, which is what we did that afternoon. I like getting to spend this time with her doing things she likes to do.

Our friend, Derek, from college was in town this past weekend. That evening we met Derek, our friends Casey and Britni, and their kids at Cheeburger Cheeburger in Huntsville. 
After dinner I took the girls to Bridge Street to ride the carousel (one of our favorite things to do!)
On Saturday we met everyone at the new Urban Cookhouse at Bridge Street for lunch (it was very good!) We then took Raley, Audrey and CJ to ride the carousel again and then grabbed a popsicle at at Steel City Pops. After enjoying our treats we took the kids home to nap and then met again later that evening at Mellow Mushroom (we eat out alot when Derek's in town. Ha!) Raley and CJ enjoyed sitting in the little bus at mellow mushroom and watching the cartoons on the tv.
After dinner we let them run around in the grassy field at Providence and let them get nice and worn out before bed. 

Sunday morning we went to church then to eat with Derek, Casey, Britni and the kids at BJ's restaurant to say bye before Derek headed back to Memphis.
She likes to climb on him
Sunday evening began our VBS at church. I was helping in one of the 5 year old classes this year with my friends Maegan and Ashley. The girls had a great time in their classes playing with their friends and learning.

This week my parents are at the beach and since my mom usually keeps the girls while I'm at work, I didn't have anyone to babysit. What a perfect excuse to take a week off! We've had a busy week but it's actually been wonderful to have so much time off to spend with the girls.

Since I knew we had a lot on the schedule this week, including VBS, swim lessons and a doctor's appointment, I tried to balance out our time spent at home and our time out. 

Monday morning we laid low at home, played and watched movies all morning until it was time to go to swim lessons at 2. I also tried to catch up on house work this week since I was still behind from when we were out of town. 

Raley has been very hesitant about swimming and going under the water. She doesn't like the idea of getting water in her eyes and she doesn't like to float on her back. Her teacher Collin has been working very hard with her and her friend Ann-Elise this summer and we're hoping that soon they will start to feel more comfortable and learn to swim on their own. We have definitely seen improvement but  we still have a long way to go. Now that my parents have a pool, it just makes me so nervous that she's going to fall in or go in without her puddle jumper, thinking she can swim, but can't. She's actually walked off the step a couple times without her puddle jumper and went under and couldn't get back above water. Luckily someone was right beside her each time to grab her up but it just about made my heart stop both times.

After swim lessons we went home and Audrey took a nap. I knew Raley wouldn't get a full nap in before VBS so I let her have "rest time" on the couch while watching a movie. If Raley is not able to get a nap, I like to have her lay down and "rest" for at least an hour. This allows her to slow down and recharge and usually helps with the fussiness later in the day. (It allows me to rest as well.)

I did not want to wake up this sweet sleepy face to get ready!
Tuesday we didn't have anything on the schedule until VBS at 6:00 so I decided to take them out and do something fun that morning. We went to Palmer Park and played for a little bit. Audrey kept saying "Hot! It's hot!" and blowing the air as if she were blowing her food that's too hot. It was hysterical and precious. 

There was really only one slide that was shaded and cool enough to slide down so we stayed on that jungle gym most of the time. 
I just love this picture below. When Raley was little she would hold her hand up for me to hold when she was stepping up or down at the park. Audrey now does the same thing. She reaches up and says "hand." It's just too sweet.
Audrey at 18 months
Raley at 21 months (this is also one of my favorite pictures)
We went to Lawlers for lunch, then home for naps. After naps we got up and got ready for VBS but I ended up having trouble with my car and we didn't end up making it Tuesday night. Raley was pretty bummed, but we spent the rest of the night playing upstairs in the playroom. I like to split our time playing upstairs and downstairs. There are different toys for them to play with so they get excited to play with something different. 

Wednesday morning we stayed home because, like on Monday, we were supposed to have swim lessons at 2. The lessons ended up being cancelled so we just had a fun stay at home and play day. That evening was the last night of VBS. We had a sweet group of kids all week and my girls had a great time. 
Raley and her friend Brynn

Thursday we met my friend Maegan and her girls Ann-Elise and Ryleigh at the Huntsville Botanical Garden. This has been one of our favorite spots this year. Right now they have dinosaurs that are very lifelike. They move and make noises. The girls loved them. 

We had packed a picnic so we took a minute to find some shade, sit down and have some lunch. After lunch we let the girls play in the little splash pond. This was the best thing! They ran all over that little pond and cooled off.  Maegan and I sat at the edge of the pond and watched them run around and splash all over the place. We ended up soaked as well, but didn't mind because it felt great to cool off. I love that our girls are so close in age. It's so much fun to watch them grow up together and we feel blessed to have found such great friends through the church.
We wore these girls out because they both took great naps that day! After they woke up we ate dinner, took baths, and watched Lady and the Tramp until bedtime. (I'd say we had a great day!)

Today Audrey had a doctor's appointment and had to get shots. She was pitiful! Afterwards we ran to the store to grab some groceries and then back home for lunch. We had swim lessons at 2. Raley did better today. She actually said she wanted "Mr. Collin to take me under the water." She went all the way under the water once and she put her face in several times. Hopefully with some more work, she'll start to get it soon.

Raley got to have "rest time" again today while Audrey napped (she's actually laying beside me watching a Tinker Bell movie as I'm writing this). Tonight David's parents are coming over to watch the girls so we can have a date night. 

This weekend we don't have anything on the schedule for once, so I think we are going to try and swim tomorrow morning and relax as much as we can. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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