Coffee Talk Confessions -July 2017

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I've always loved the "Hey, It's OK" feature in Glamour Magazine. I remember reading it way back in high school and thinking oh, other people do that too?! That's where the inspiration for these posts come from - some people may think I'm crazy. Others may feel a little better because, guess what? You're not alone! 

So...These are my confessions:

//It's difficult enough to find time to wash your hair when you're a mom of toddlers, but when you really hate doing it, it makes it even harder. Washing my hair is literally one of my least favorite things to do. But it's not the washing that I hate the  most - it's all the time that goes into drying and straightening. (I cannot get away with letting it air dry and running out the door.) I end up dripping with sweat by the time it's all over. Also, I hate to take up precious nap time with this super annoying, time consuming task. I could be doing so many other things. Needless to say, my hair gets washed about twice a week. #heyitsok
*Side note: I don't feel that bad about it - all that heat ruins my hair anyway!

//Raley likes to quote movies and right now one of her favorites is Boss Baby. She has unfortunately picked up the line "you suck it" (in the movie it's referring to a pacifier.) So if you hear her saying this, she got it from the movie. We do not tell our children to "suck it." 😳

//I feel like the biggest nag when we are sitting down to eat a meal. We say the word eat, on average, 532,000 times a day. *Does anyone else's toddlers have an issue eating?

//I'm a Bachelor/Bachelorette junkie. I'm not really that excited by this season, but I still can't allow myself to miss an episode. And for some reason the ridiculous drama of Bachelor in Paradise just sucks me in.

//A couple of days ago, on our way out the door to church, I quickly grabbed Audrey's shoes out of the basket by the door and threw them in her bag. (I never put shoes on her before we leave because they will come off as soon as we're in the car and I'll end up wasting even more time trying to search for them when we get there.) I go to put them on her when we get there - they're both left feet and one is Raley's and is two sizes too big. #momfail

Got any confessions of your own? I'd love to hear them! Happy Friday and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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