Coffee Talk Confessions

What would we talk about if we were on a coffee date? Well, grab you a cup of joe, sit down, and lets chat a bit because these are my confessions...I can't help but sing Usher while I write this. 

//We used to be very good about using the envelope system for groceries and eating out at restaurants but lately we've gotten pretty lax when it comes to this. We haven't been getting out cash each week like we should and we haven't been tracking how much we're spending on eating out each week. We knew we were going over our $60 limit so we didn't want to face the reality of how much we were actually spending. Well, the other day I decided to look back at the last few weeks and figure out how much we are actually spending on eating out. Last week we spent $135 at restaurants. Yes, you read that dollars! In one week! Needless to say, we will be going back to the envelope system and will be more careful from now on. 

//My baby sister gets married this weekend and I'm feeling really old now.

//I did a terrible job of applying sunscreen the other day while we were swimming and ended up with a pretty bad sunburn on my back and weird splotches of red on my arms. Luckily it's already fading so it should be gone by Saturday (please don't peel!)

//I just really want to take a break. Since backing of at work I've sort of taken a break from everything and focused on family. I haven't taken any time to promote my business. I haven't been scheduling lots of play dates. I'm taking this time to sort of regroup and relax. It's been great so far!

//Speaking of taking a break, we leave for an 8 day vacay to Southern California in just 10 days!! I'm so excited to get away for a little bit to explore, shop, spend time on the beach, watch some ball and catch up with old friends.

//Lately Audrey has been asking to watch Trolls videos on our phone by saying "back up again" in the sweetest little voice. It's nearly impossible to so no.

//Raley has been getting out of her bed at bedtime alot lately. She will sometimes stay up for an hour and a half after we lay her down to go to sleep. It becomes incredibly frustrating at times. And she doesn't have a reason for it except that she just doesn't want to go to sleep. We've tried everything we can think of to fix the problem (including bribery) but nothing has worked. Anyone have any solutions, because we are on the struggle.bus.

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Have a great rest of the week!

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