Happy 3rd Birthday, Raley!

This year Raley's birthday fell on the Sunday after her birthday party. That morning before church she got to open her presents from us and then eat a pink sprinkle birthday donut. 

We went to my parents' house after church for lunch and she got to play with all her cousins before they headed home.

Raley and her Great-Granny!

Sweet little cousins

That afternoon she started to get a little fever and felt bad. The next day we took her in to the doctor and she said she had croup and a double ear infection. Who knew? (poor baby!) 

Later in the week she was feeling better so we were able to take her out for her special birthday celebration. We met Daddy at Bridgestreet for lunch and continued our tradition of pizza, ice cream and a carousel ride. We ate at Piology, then took her to ride on the carousel and got some ice cream at Maggie Moo's. Then we let her throw pennies in the fountain, which is something so simple that she loves to do. I'm glad we were able to squeeze this in and spend some time with just the birthday girl for a little while. 
It's your birthday! Sure, you can ride in the car and get a cookie at Kroger!

I wanted to share her Rapunzel birthday photos by Elles Photography as well. We went out to a random field in Huntsville (Danielle has such a great eye for locations that photograph well) and let her run around and pose her little heart out.

Let me tell you how amazing our photographer is! First of all, she turned this:
into this (so magical!):
And then she worked some magic on my very favorite photo. It was very bright that day so we had a bright blue blanket that we were holding up trying to block the sun so Raley wasn't squinting as much. Well, the wind blew at the exact perfect time and blew the blanket into the background of this picture. When she sent me the pictures I told her this was my favorite and asked if there was anyway to photoshop the blanket out. She of course, worked her magic and made it perfect!
I love this sweet face!
I loved this photo so much I used it on her invitations!

She wanted to read to Pascal 
She looks like such a big girl here!

More magic

"Just smell the grass, the dirt! Just like I dreamed they'd be!"

 For details from her 'Punzel party click here

Do you have any birthday traditions with your little ones? 

Let's get social!

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