Troublesome Times Are Here

Yesterday morning in worship service we sang the song "Jesus is Coming Soon." The first couple lines of this song read

"Troublesome times are here filling men's hearts with fear,
Freedom we all hold dear now is at stake."

This song and Brother Mike's lesson yesterday got me thinking about our world today. About the many issues we are dealing with right now in our society - the legalization of gay marriage, abortion and the push for late term termination of pregnancy, the whole Target bathroom issue, the way teenage girls' clothes seem to be continuously shrinking, prayer and God being removed from our schools, etc, etc, etc... 

I think about this generation and how everyone tries so hard not to offend anyone even if what the person is standing for is in the wrong. Did anyone else see this video where college students couldn't even tell a short white man "no you are not a 6'5'' Chinese woman"? I mean, how hard can that be? (Apparently for these kids, incredibly)

It is a very disappointing state that our country is living in these days and it's easy to get worked up about these issues. I know I do sometimes. Unfortunately I don't see anything changing for the better (by better I mean in favor of God's word) anytime soon. The world around us may be changing but there is a constant in all of this - God and His Holy Word. It never changes. It never will. All Christians have a responsibility to spread His word to the ends of the earth so that all my hear it and be saved. (Matthew 28:18-20)

But here is the most wonderful part - the chorus of this song says this:

"Jesus is coming soon, morning or night or noon.
Many will meet their doom. Trumpets will sound.
All of the dead shall rise. Righteous meet in the skies.
Going where no one dies, Heavenward bound."

Isn't this our ultimate goal? Yes troublesome times are here but soon we will get to live with our Lord in Heaven and sing praises all day long in a place where there is no sin or dying or sadness. For me it's very comforting to be reminded that this corrupt world we live in is not our home. While we may have a responsibility to do good and help guide lost souls to Christ while we're here, it is only a quick stop before we get to our eternal home. And what a wonderful day that will be!

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