Inside My Bullet Journal

A few months ago I discovered this little thing called bullet journaling from a friend on 
Facebook. I had never heard of it before but once I read up on it I knew I had to give it a try. It's not a journal in the traditional sense. It's a calendar, to do list, schedule, meal tracker, memory log, or literally whatever you want it to be. 

I've mentioned before how much I like it because it is a blank slate and you can adapt it to whatever works for you. Mine has literally changed every month. I'm still learning what works and what doesn't work. Something that works for a little bit may not be useful after a while so you can just leave it out the next time.
Journal from Target
Here's a little peek inside:
My very first page is the index and symbol key. 
You can see here what symbols I use for different bullet points.

2016 calendar. Apparently I can't count because I messed up both February and October. I had to cut and paste a piece of paper to fix October. Something I learned from Boho Berry is to embrace the mistakes. You'll go crazy if you try to make it too perfect.

Collections are basically lists. I made a mini-index for my Collections. 
Here are a couple:
I've  heard from so many people that they wished they had written down the funny things their kids said when they were young. So I started a list of "Raley-isms" because she is all the time making me smile with the things that she says and does. I'm going to have to start another page because this one's already full!

The future log is a way to keep track of events coming up in the next couple months. 

Brain dump is exactly what it says. Write down whatever comes to mind whether it's something that needs to be done or just random thoughts.

My shopping list is on-going. When I think of something that I need to get at the store I write it down and then cross it off once purchased. I don't start a new page until this one is completely full. This way I'm not taking up a whole page every time I go to the store.

The Daily Log is my favorite part. It breaks down what is going on each day. If there is something that I want to get done I just jot it down. I don't fill the box in until it's done. If something special happened one day I write it down next to a heart so I can remember it later.

I already had so much scheduled for February and March I only did two months on my Future Log page this time.

I started a meal plan page in February. I did this for March too but I sort of stopped keeping track so I left this off for April.

February got a little busier so I started making a little bar across the top of the page to help keep up with my schedule. This also allows for me to get an entire week onto a two-page spread, which I like.

This is my March and April Future Log and March Memories. I have a memories page for each month, which I love because I have all my memorable moments (good and bad) for that month in one spot. 

This is something I've seen alot of people do through the Bullet Journal Junkies facebook page. I thought I'd give it a try for March but I stopped keeping up with it. I was keeping up with how Raley was doing potty training but now we're so far into it I don't really need to track it anymore. I dropped this page for April. 
*BTW, please don't judge me - it's really hard to find time to take a shower in peace now-a-days. I'm lucky if I wash my hair twice a week. I promise I bathe more often than that though!

Apparently I thought Friday came after Tuesday. Oops!

Another Daily Log spread

This is the first month I've set up a calendar like this one, but I love it! I think I'll continue to do this each month, especially now that I have a work schedule to keep up with. Off to the side I have a mini to-do list.

So there it is! A little look inside my bullet journal. If you're interested in learning more check out I got much of my inspiration from and the Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook group. If you have any questions about getting started please let me know! I'm obviously not an expert since I've only been doing this a couple months but I'd be happy to help!

Let's get social!

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