Life Lately - March 2016

March has been an incredibly busy month for the Tennesons. It was loads of fun and packed with time spent with family and friends but all the fun made it fly by. Next week I have to leave my babies and go back to work. Be thinking of me next Wednesday because it's going to be a rough one!
I love being home with my sweet girls!
Raley loves her baby sister!

So what have we been up to? The thing that has taken over our lives this month is POTTY TRAINING! Before Audrey arrived we tried potty training Raley over a long weekend. I wanted to try the 3 day method but she was just not ready. Starting a couple months ago she began telling us that she needed to go to the potty. When she sat on the potty and actually used it a few separate times, we thought she was probably ready. She has been doing great! She's still getting the hang of going #2 but I know that's tough for the little ones. We mostly wear "big girl panties" at home and wear pull ups out of the house. She has even started getting more comfortable going on the "big potty" in public as opposed to her little Minnie Mouse potty we have at home.

I made her a potty chart and she would get a sticker and a treat every time she used the potty. When she filled up her potty chart I took her to Target to pick out a toy. She loved going and picking out her own toy and she was very proud of filling up her chart!
A couple weeks ago we got to spend the weekend with my brother, his wife and their little girl. My sister was in town for spring break as well. Raley had so much fun with her cousin Payton playing at the park at our church Easter egg hunt! It's always so much fun spending time with them.
Cousin love
The weather has been nice the last few weeks so we've enjoyed going on walks and getting to play at the park with friends.
The Sunday before Easter I hosted Easter lunch at our house for David's side of the family. They were out of town on Easter so we celebrated the week before with them and we did lunch at my parents' house Easter afternoon after church.
My mom always makes this cute and yummy sunflower cake for Easter

The last couple years we've had both sides over to our house for Easter to all celebrate together. It's something I always look forward to doing since all the other holidays are spent at our parents' houses. It gives me an opportunity to give back plus it gives all my decorations some sort of purpose! 

This year I made these cute little dirt cakes that look like little birds nests. They were soo good!

I mentioned last week how much I love Easter and the meaning behind it. We've tried to stress to Raley that Easter is not all about the Easter bunny, eating candy, and hunting eggs. It marks the greatest day in the history of the world - the day that Christ was victorious over death. Because of this we have hope of eternal life. This is why it is one of my favorite holidays! I know that Raley does not fully understand yet but when she sings songs like "God made tall, tall trees, God made birds that fly and God made me" it makes my heart soar!

We had a great first Easter as a family of four! Raley was so cute with her Easter basket. I think she was most excited about "the dinosaur movie." Audrey did so good in Bible class sitting up in her chair. 
I made these yummy bunny cinnamon rolls Easter morning before church
I love this picture of her. She looks so prissy.
My pretty little girls in their dresses

Raley enjoyed dying Easter eggs this year. She loved decorating them with princess stickers.
We have made going to Daylight Donuts a Monday morning tradition. Their donuts are SO good! Raley loves talking to the little Chinese cat they have sitting up on the counter.
Last week Raley, Audrey and I went to Birmingham for the day with David's mom for my sister-in-law's final wedding dress fitting. Lindsey of course looked beautiful! I can't wait to see her all dolled up in it on her big day! Raley loved the fitting room. She went right for the pedestal and was spinning around, looking at herself in the mirror and trying on Lindsey's shoes. I think this may be when the obsession with weddings begins. 
Last weekend our good friend Derek from college was in town. We spent the weekend hanging out with him and our good friends Casey and Britni. We don't get to see Derek much so it's always great to spend time with him. Saturday night we passed the kids off to my parents so we could enjoy a night as adults. We went to Sam and Greg's for pizza and gelato then played Cards Against Humanity. Britni and I both left a little after 9:00 to go pick up our kids. It's so funny how different our lives are now as adults with kids as opposed to college. But I wouldn't have it any other way!

So that's our busy life lately! And it doesn't look like it will be slowing down any time soon! Have a great week!

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