10 Freezer Meals: New Baby Prep

Going grocery shopping with a new baby can be a very daunting task. Going grocery shopping with a new baby AND a toddler can be even scarier. So when I was pregnant with Audrey I decided I wanted to prep a few meals to freeze ahead of time and stock the pantry with non-perishable foods that I knew we would need in those first couple months after she was born.

Boy, am I glad I did! She is now a month old and it's been nice to just go to the store for little things that we've run out of instead of having to plan out my meals and make huge grocery trips each week.

[I haven't built up the courage to venture out with both of them by myself yet. Audrey and I do our grocery shopping while Raley is at MMO or I'll go by myself when David is home on the weekend. Maybe it'll happen before my maternity leave is up...]

I will say though, I will NEVER be an extreme couponer. I made a huge list of all the things that I would need to make my freezer meals, other food items to make quick and easy meals, snacks for Raley, and household essentials (TP, paper towels, paper plates, cleaning supplies, etc.). But I definitely under estimated just how much I would be buying at one time. My cart was overflowing and I ended up needing two carts to get everything out to my car. I hated how long it took to check out and holding up the line. I was just ready to get out of there! I don't know how these couponers do it.

But anyway, I did all this about 3 weeks before my due date. My sister came over one afternoon and helped me prep all my freezer meals. This is what it looked like when we were done

I labeled each bag with what it was, and instructions on how long to cook it.

So here's what we made:
I hope that you will enjoy some of these recipes! Good luck!

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