Backyard Movie Night and Baby-Que

This past weekend we hosted what we called a "Backyard Movie Night and Baby-Que." Basically we had our close family and friends over to grill out, watch a movie out back and finally reveal the gender of Baby Tenneson. I have wanted to host a backyard movie night for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get everyone together.

We found out the gender on Tuesday and had to keep it a secret all week! It was incredibly difficult and the beans were almost spilled more than a couple times, but we managed to make it to Saturday.

I wanted to do confetti poppers for the big reveal this time (with Raley we did the balloons in a box). So I made confetti poppers out of toilet paper rolls, push pop sticks, and confetti made out of scrapbook paper. 

However the big reveal didn't exactly go as planned. I made one for David, one for Raley and one for myself. So when we went to do the reveal I handed Raley hers and she immediately pulled the bottom out of it and confetti spilled all over the ground! I had some white paper mixed in with the different shades of pink and apparently in the sunlight the white looked like blue. So we got lots of "It's pink and's twins!" (Disclaimer: it's NOT twins).

David and I went on to pop ours to try and get the full effect but they didn't exactly *pop* like I wanted them to. My stick bent when I tried to pop it and all the confetti didn't come out of his. It didn't exactly go like I wanted it to, but it got the point across that we are having another GIRL! Oh and to make the situation even more humorous, the whole time Raley's going "Ta-da! Ta-da!"

After dinner and the reveal, it was time to watch the movie. We had set up a screen against the fence and a projector and watched The Lion King in the backyard. I had set up a popcorn bar with lots of different mix-ins and flavors of popcorn salt for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who came and to those who sent us warm messages and texts! We are very excited about another sweet baby girl! Next on the to do list: come up with a name!

Sweet girl helping Pops set up the screen
The poppers - They were cute even if they didn't work
The excited big sister!

Let's get social!

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