We're Pregnant! How we announced we're expecting

I LOVE being pregnant! And just a small part of the fun is coming up with fun ways to tell your family and friends that a little one is on the way.

We picked Mother's Day weekend to make our announcement to our families. I was only 5 weeks along but since everyone from both sides of the family (brothers, sisters, everybody!) were in town that weekend, we figured it would be the perfect time. 

For my side of the family we decided to use a "I'm going to be a big sister" t-shirt that I ordered off of Etsy. We were at my parents' house and everyone was gathered in the kitchen, just hanging out. We took Raley into the other room to "change her" and let her walk back in with her new shirt on. It was so much fun to see the look on each person's face as they first realized that she changed clothes, then read the shirt, and processed the information!

For David's family we did something a little different. We had his family over for dinner the next night and asked his mom to open a bottle of wine for us. On it was a label (also ordered from Etsy) that said "Our family is growing by 2 feet." 

When it was time to make it "Facebook official" I decided to let Raley do the announcing. Although a few people from work, a couple close friends and (of course) our families already knew, we wanted to wait until after the first ultrasound to make sure everything was ok before announcing it to the world. 
It took a couple days to get all the shots I needed, because she doesn't like to sit still for more than about 5 seconds for pictures. (She wouldn't cooperate and hold the sign for the last picture) But we made it work and this was the final outcome: LOVE!

I'd love to hear how you told or plan to tell your family and friends you're expecting!

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