Finding Financial Peace

A couple weeks ago we finished up Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class. The entire class was great and it made me think about money and debt in a way I had never thought about it before. It also brought to light some great ideas, as well as a game plan for getting out of debt and staying out of debt. But it was the final lesson that really hit home with me.

In the final lesson Dave talks about how our money is not ours to begin with. (Psalm 24:1) We may earn it, but everything we have belongs to God. This is why we should learn to manage our money in a way that would be pleasing to him. Just imagine what the world would be like if we were all out of debt. Think about the amount of money you pay each month toward student loans or car loans or credit cards or mortgages. What if instead you could invest this money and allow it to grow and grow. What would the world be like if everyone were able to give to the church or to charities or the homeless, sick, widowed, or poor.

Our life has changed just in the few short weeks that it took to take this class. Our whole perception on spending has been flipped upside down. We now make a monthly budget and a weekly budget (Dave says to do one monthly, but it works better for us to do it on a weekly basis). We sit down every week and decide what money is going to go where. We have started paying cash for certain things, which has helped us (mostly ME) cut down on spending money on things we don't need. 

We've made a 5 year plan in which we plan to be out of debt (besides the house), fund a full emergency fund (3-6 months expenses), and save for a down payment on a house (Baby Steps 1-3).  All within the next 5 years! We have already paid off one car and are working toward the other car and my student loans using the Debt Snowball. Read more about the Baby Steps here

I really encourage everyone to look into these classes. They do them all over the country. We are hoping to host another 9 week class at Madison Church of Christ in the fall. If you don't have time to take the class you can check out some of his books The Total Money Makeover  and Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide to Money. 

Also check out his website for a FREE budget tool, articles, tips, and information on classes in your area.

Change your perception of money and learn how to "live like no one else!"