Top 8 proud mommy moments

Every day you learn or do something new and I am amazed every time at how quickly you catch onto things. And every time I say "Good job! You're such a smart girl!" Because you are! These are the top moments of this past year that made my heart swell up 10 times its size:

1. The first time you slept through the night - It was October 31, 2013. Halloween Night. You had only been sleeping in your crib for 5 nights. The 3 or 4 nights leading up to this night you had only woken up once during the night to eat around 3 in the morning. We loved that you were only getting up once! We did not expect you to start sleeping all night anytime soon. But Halloween was a rough day. After you ate your first bottle of the day you spit up allllll over your cute little Halloween onesie. So you (and mommy) had to get washed up and I washed your outfit so that you could wear it. Then that night I dressed you in your cute little Cinderella outfit. We weren't going anywhere but it was too cute and you can't not dress up for Halloween! Well you weren't even in it for an hour before you had an explosive diaper and had to get another bath! Needless to say you were exhausts by the end of the day and slept until 8:30 the next day. I woke up at 8 and looked at the monitor and you were still asleep. I could't believe it! We figured it was because you were so pooped from the day before but then it became a regular thing. Boy were we happy! You've been such a good baby from the very beginning!

2. Your first word - it was almost Fathers Day and I was trying so hard to get you to say Dada. One morning I went in to get you up and layed you down on the changing table. You looked up at me and said "Mama." I said "good job! I'm mama!" But I figured you were just making noises. So later that night I was folding clothes and you were sitting in your Lion King bouncer. I walked by you and you were whining wanting me to pick you up and you said "Mamama." Daddy said "I guess it's official. Her first word is Mama." He didn't feel too bad. Just a few days later you said Dada. :)

3. Sweet kisses - One day we were in the floor playing. You were about 8 months old or so. You were crawling but not walking. Well you just randomly crawled over to me, climbed up into my lap, spit your paci out, and planted a big slobbery kiss right on my mouth! It was the sweetest thing you had ever done!

4. Feeding puppy - You loved playing with your stride-to-ride puppy. You loved pushing him around and climbing on him and pushing his buttons. Another thing you liked was when I would open his mouth and feed him "treats." His treats were shapes that you could put in his mouth and they would fall into his tummy. Well one day I handed you a treat and asked you if you wanted to feed him a treat. You took the treat, opened his mouth yourself and put it in. You got so excited when we clapped and told you good job. You then sat there for a while going back and forth, giving him treats, grabbing them out of his tummy, then feeding him again. It doesn't seem like much but, like I've said before, you catch on so quick!

5. Miss Photogenic - You LOVE to smile for the camera! Every time we go to have your pictures taken you just ham it up as soon as she gets behind the camera. Silly girl!

6. First steps - The first time you walked you took 2 steps, fell down and smiled and put your hands together like you were so proud of yourself! 

7. "Baby" - April and Brian were at the house watching the Bama game. Brian pointed to April's belly and told you "there's a baby in there." You stood up, looked at me, and said "baby."  Then walked over, picked up your Bitty Baby, hugged her, and showed her to me. Sweet heart!

8. Holding hands to pray - I think this one makes me happiest of all. We always hold hands to pray and we would try and get you to hold our hands. Then one day we held our hands out and you sat up real straight and grabbed on. You looked at Daddy with a big smile on your face while he prayed. 

I love watching you grow up and it seems like you have picked up so many new things in just the last few weeks! You make us happier than you know!

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