Merry Old Land of Oz: Fun (and Raley's 12 month pics)

For some reason sweet girl wasn't her normal super smiley self that day but she still seemed to have a blast. She loved running around in the backyard with her friends and smashing into her cake! Thank you to everyone who came and helped celebrate her first birthday! I hope everyone enjoyed it!

That ruffle butt!
She loves her Aunt Kayla Beth
Raley and Violet
She loves her big cousins!
Hi Gigi!
She loves Uncle Brian!
I filled her little water table with toys for the little ones
She got so excited when we all sang Happy Birthday!
Post smash bath
Our attempt at a picture together.
Because she was being stingy with smiles we didn't get a good family picture. Hopefully
 the photographer got one! Can't wait to see those pics!

All she wanted to do after her bath was climb in and out of her car seat
A few of her opening presents. She really just wanted to climb them!

She kept trying to sit inside the cabinet
CJ is passed out!


I still haven't posted her 12 month photos yet so I figured I'd add them here!
They, of course, were Wizard of Oz inspired. I got a big wicker basket and tied a bunch of balloons to it to make it look like a hot air balloon. I also used a big vintage wagon wheel as a background prop since it has an old farm look. Here's a few of them:

She was playing peek-a-boo!
Hugging Toto and saying "awww"
At this point all she cared about was Toto

- Photo credit to Elles Photography - She always does amazing! -
- I got her outfit from Tickle Pants on Etsy. She does such a great job! -

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