Fall is in the air

Although it's still pretty warm down here in the good ol' south, it's starting to finally feel like fall is drawing near.  This is my FAVORITE time of year. Pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks, football is on TV...and this is the only time of year that my 2 favorite sports - football and baseball- overlap. The pennant race is on!

Plus it's BIRTHDAY MONTH! (Both mine and Baby Girl's:) Once football season starts it's like a gateway to the holidays. I generally start decorating for Halloween the last week in September... because it's my all time favorite holiday and I want it to last as long as possible! Then you get to go to pumpkin patches and haunted houses and go on hay rides! And eat everything pumpkin- pumpkin spice lattes (my favorite), pumpkin bread (David's favorite, which I made last night), pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, etc etc...

Then comes Thanksgiving, when you can finally get what you've waited all year for - Eggnog. You get to be with family and eat all kinds of yummy foods. Then it's time for Christmas decorations and Christmas shopping Some people hate Christmas shopping, but I LOVE it! It warms my heart when there's holiday decorations everywhere and Christmas music on the radio and at the malls. Then there's Christmas baking, wrapping presents and putting them under the tree, pictures with Santa, watching Christmas movies while drinking hot chocolate and wearing warm jammie's...I'm getting really excited just thinking about it! 

Oh and did I mention fall clothes? Sweaters, boots, tights, scarves, pea coats. There's not much better than dressing H2T in your favorite cozy cute outfit and stepping out and breathing in the chilly fall air. Sometimes I think I was meant to live up north. But then I remember how much I love sweet tea and change my mind!

What is your favorite thing about fall? My husband would add Sam Adams Oktoberfest! 
Comment and let me know what YOU would add to the list!

So the reason I'm writing this random post about my favorite season is because we took Raley to her first football game today! The weather at the game though did NOT feel like fall. The weather needs to get it together! Being in T-town again brought back so many good feelings that I've missed oh so much! This place holds so many memories. We didn't stay the whole game because poor sweet girl was so hot. So we left (just in time to beat the rain) and we went with Kayla Beth and Jayce to Mugshots. One of my favorite places to eat in T-town. We couldn't come all the way down here and not eat there!
Some pictures of my pretty little cheerleader:

Raley and Aunt Kayla Beth before the game
Silly girl and her Daddy
 And to make this day EVEN better, we got a text from Casey this morning at 5am saying that Britni was in labor. He kept us updated all day and baby CJ was born a little after 1:00 this afternoon! So, of course,  as soon as we got into town we went straight to the hospital to meet the sweet little angel! He is just perfect! Raley loves him already. 
He feels so tiny!
Such a handsome boy!
Our first "family" photo since Raley and CJ are betrothed and all
The sweet daddies and their babies. When did we get so old?
Raley "lovin" on CJ

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