Raley's Lemonade Photo Shoot

For Raley's 9 month pictures I really wanted to do a lemonade 
stand photo shoot. So I asked David and my dad if they could
 make it happen. And they did! 
They made a Lowe's run on a Saturday afternoon and had it done in a day. 
Then I painted it and put the letters on it. I may be crafty but I 
am not artsy! So I got some stencils and a paint pen and tried 
to stencil the letters onto the wood...but that didn't work.
Sooo...I painted the stencil cutouts and pasted them 
on! Turned out perfect!
Danielle, our photographer, loved it so much she asked to use 
it for lemonade stand mini sessions!
She was so infatuated with the lemons she hardly wanted
 to look at the camera
The grass was prickly and she did NOT like it! She kept picking 
her chubby little leg up
This is one of my FAVORITES! I want to get it made into a canvas
Some of the other awesome pictures
 I just love this look
 One of the in-between shots. She's so good at catching these!
 By this point she was tired and didn't want to take any more pictures. 
All she wanted to do was pick little flowers off the ground
But at least we got 2 cute shots!

Photo credit goes to Elles Photography. If you're in North Alabama 
and are looking fora photographer, give her a call. She does 
an amazing job!

Let's get social!

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