Raley's First Birthday Party...It's coming together!

Well today little Munchkin is 11 months old! I can't believe how fast she's grown. She learns new things every single day. She loves to wave at everyone she sees, dance to music, and clean up her toys. She gives the sweetest hugs!  And her latest thing is walking! She takes more and more steps every day. She will be running all over the place in no time.

I can't believe she will be ONE in a month! It's getting down to crunch time on this party thing. I finally ordered alot of the things that I needed online. BTW, I love online shopping. You order whatever you want and a few days later packages show up at your house that you get to open like presents...I could easily become addicted. Anyway, I got the things I couldn't find locally like the Wizard of Oz plates and napkins and character props. (They didn't have anything Wizard of Oz at Party City so I had to order it all.) Here is a sneak peak of the centerpieces for the character tables:
Then I used my Cricut to make this sign for the door
I painted the frame of this chalkboard blue. I'm planning on doing a photo booth using the props from the tables so I thought we could use this sign to write cute sayings and quotes from the movie on
Then I made Glinda's crown out of silver glitter scrapbook paper. First I glued the two pieces of paper together. 
Then I traced the pattern that I wanted on the back of the paper.
Then cut it out and glued the edges together! I ended up having to trim the bottom of the paper because it was too tall. But here it is finished
I finally feel like it is coming together. I still have alot to do, but little by little it's getting done! Stay tuned for more :) Here's a link to a few of my other projects for the party

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