Raley's First Birthday Party - Prep

So I've been thinking about and planning my daughter's first birthday since before she was born. My husband thinks I'm crazy but I've always said you can't start planning too early! Well my first idea was Wizard of Oz. It's my favorite movie of all time and there are so many cute things you can do with the theme. But the colors don't scream GIRL- blue, red, green, yellow. I LOVE pink. So I was second guessing myself. I scoured Pinterest and found a ton of cute ideas - Alice in ONEderland, candyland, vintage circus (super cute colors), Minnie Mouse. But none of them felt right and I ultimately came back around to Wizard of Oz. And I can't be MORE excited about it! I've got pages and pages of ideas and lists of things I need to buy and make in my cute little book.

When I was first planning blogs helped me alot. Seeing different decorations people have used, things people made, and how they made them. That's what I'm hoping to do here. This is just a couple things. I don't want to reveal all the party decorations yet! Its still 2 months away. (2 months...is that it?)

A few weeks ago I had my mom, sister, and my cousin come over and help me watch little munchkin while I got some stuff done...it's near impossible to get anything done without help. She wants to be involved in everything I'm doing. She's such a little sweetheart <3

They helped me get my "flowers" for Munchkinland done. I just used those big party puffs that you can get from Party City (i don't know what they're called) and put black felt circles in the middle to make them look like big poofy flowers.  Then I used fake flower stems that I had from the flowers I'm using as centerpieces. This is how they turned out--once they are on the wall they'll look super cute

Today I made ruby slippers! I'm not a big fan of Martha Stewart but I LOVE her products! I used her glittering glue and extra fine red glitter from Michael's to make these ruby slippers. I found the shoes at the thrift store for $3.00! They turned out PERFECT! I have one more pair to make but they will have to get done another day.

Now I know how Dorothy feels. These are mesmerizing!

Just a couple other things I was working on:
Flowers for the Tinman table - I spray
 painted the white ones silver

Certificate of Death for the
Wicked Witch of the East

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