Raley meets Grandpa

This past weekend we took a family trip to Galesburg, Illinois to visit David's Grandpa. It's about a 10 hour drive and he is not able to travel like he used to so he had not had the chance to meet
Raley yet. So we decided we would bring her to him.

*This page is about our trip. If you would like tips for traveling with an infant (what to pack, car travel, etc.) click here

We got up and ended up leaving about 4:30am on Friday. We got to watch the sun rise over Tennessee. I realized that I am on my way to work as the sun is coming up every day. But I never stop to enjoy it because I don't want to be up and going to work. I don't want to be driving east on 565 with the sun in my face. I'd rather be in bed. Once you stop to really look at the beauty of God's creation you realize how powerful and mighty He is. Isn't it beautiful!

Snoozin good at 5:45am

But anyway, Baby girl did GREAT in the car on the way there. We tried not to get her good and woke up in the morning. We just changed her diaper and put her in her seat and she fell right back to sleep!  We got there about 4 that afternoon and went straight to Grandpa's. He was so excited to meet her and she loved him. It was such a precious moment. I'm so glad she got to meet her great-grandpa!

She spent the evening climbing on top of his little coffee tables. She will try to climb on anything! Grandpa saw how much she loved those tables that he sent one home with us. We're gonna be in trouble!

She also got to meet Uncle JC and Aunt Jane. She liked when Uncle JC sang "Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay" to her. They are so goofy.

We had planned on going swimming at the country club where JC and Jane live on Saturday and Sunday. But Saturday was cloudy and windy all day so we didn't get to go. It was cool up there compared to Alabama! We did a little bit of shopping downtown and went to lunch. Then we went to hang out with Grandpa that night. We got pizza from Pizza House (yum) and peanut butter pie!
Proud of herself for climbing the steps!
Our attempt at a selfie. We've got a silly one!

Sunday was a much nicer day. We spent a majority of the day at the pool while the guys played golf. She had a blast! We put her in her little float in the kiddie pool and it was just deep enough for her to run all around and not have to worry about her going under. We spent 5 or 6 hours at the pool. She was exhausted by the time we got done.

She loves to splash
Rockin those shades
She loved runnin all around the baby pool
All tuckered out
That night we went back over to Grandpa's where Pops grilled up some fish that they brought back from their trip to Alaska. He made some Alaskan Halibut and some king salmon that he caught over there. It was all delicious. 
Four generations! Raley liked to rub Grandpa's head 
She adores her Daddy

Baby girl crashed when we got back to the house. The next morning we left a little before 4. She did so good on the car ride back too. We are blessed to have such a good little baby!

She's happy even before 4 am
We stopped at Cracker Barrel in Cadiz, Ky so she could get out of her seat for a little while. This little goofball was so excited to be out of her seat and eating table food. She danced and bounced constantly while we were there!

She's being silly dancing around all over the place
(I don't know why the video is so fast...)

So it wasn't that eventful of a trip but we had fun and we are so glad that everyone got to meet Raley. We have so much going on in the next few months with babies being born and a wedding that I'm in and showers and birthdays that we didn't know when we would have a chance to get up there if we didn't go now. So we took advantage of the long weekend and made the trip! We love y'all!

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